• ThemeManager for universal apps updated

    Few months ago I published the first version of a generic theme manager for the Windows Universal App platform. The ThemeManager makes it easier to use to manage the accent color in your app, which normally can require lot of overriding of styles in your app. In the last months been using it often and been making some additional tweaks to make it better. Today I published all these changes to NuGet and GitHub https://github.com/davesmits/NuGet https://www.nuget.org/packages/DaveSmits. …

  • Connect with Visual Studio Online from your Universal App

    Last year I published an application called Product Manager. This application supports the product owner in scrum team to work with Visual Studio Online. It offers functionality to create new product backlog items, manage the backlog, review ideas and break down product backlog item in smaller, more detailed items. To build this app I used the TFS OData Services (tfsodata.visualstudio.com/). This offered OData service to some data of Visual Studio online. Unfortunately it wasn’t very …

  • Theming in a universal app

    For Windows Phone Silverlight Apps it can he hard to do theming / branding in your app. Lucky Jeff Wilcox created the Theme Manager which easily let us control the Dark / Light theme and the accent color. Windows Phone Store Apps For Windows Phone Store apps we can’t use that ThemeManager but switching between Dark and light theme is now building in the framework like windows store apps have. The only thing we need to set: RequestTheme=”Dark” or RequestTheme=” …

  • Make a HubSection in Windows Phone Store apps bigger then one screen

      In Windows Phone Silverlight apps we could make a PanoramaItem wider then one screen, so you had to scroll a little to see the whole section. In this blog post I show you how you can do the same with the Hub control. The hub control replaces the Panorama control in Windows Phone Store apps. Which things are changing? We have a new control, hub instead of panorama which means having new API we have to figure out. We no longer know the scrreenwidth. In Windows Phone 8 the …

  • Tile updates every minute for Windows Phone

    One of my populair samples, "tile updates every minute" that i created for Windows 8 i now updated for Windows Phone. You can download it here: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/wpapps/Tile-Update-every-minute-d4727620

  • Debugging BackgroudTasks in Windows and Windows Phone 8.1

      think most Windows Store app developers will know this, but now it gets important for Phone developers too. With the new Windows Phone release the whole architecture how to build an app from windows store apps will be coming to Windows Phone. Windows Store apps has the concept of BackgroundTasks. These tasks can run on the background and provide functionality to the end user without the new to start up the app. It can be used to update data, or update the live tile for example. A …

  • Create your own headered controls

    Since the release of WIndows 8.1 most input controls like the TextBox and ComboBox have two new properties Header HeaderTemplate These are really useful properties. They make it much easier to add a label above the input control. This is how it looks like: The xaml is really nice, its just this: <TextBox x:Uid="FlightDetailPageView_Instructor" Header="Instructor" Margin="0, 0,0,10"                & …

  • Intersecting circles on a Map in Windows Store apps

    Joost van Schaik written a nice article how to draw circles on a Map in Windows Phone and in Windows Store apps. You can read it here: http://dotnetbyexample.blogspot.nl/2014/02/drawing-circle-shapes-on-windows-phone.html In this article i will show how you can Union two circles in a nice way. Based on the code joost maked, lets assume we have this: var location1 = new Bing.Maps.Location(52.181427, 5.399780);var location2 = new Bing.Maps.Location(52.181827, 5.399780); var layer = new …

  • DurationPicker control for Windows Store Apps

    For one of my new apps i had the requirement that an user could select a duration of an event. First i looked how it was done by the Calendar app and i noticed that they give few options for duration, or let you select and end date. In that case you dont fill in a duration. For me that wasn't a possible solution. I tried out the Time Picker to select a duration. Only one cool feature of the time picker maked it worthless for me. When your in england / VS the time picker also shows AM / PM …

  • Storage Files en Application Uri's

    In Windows 8 apps kan je door middel van de StorageFile class werken met bestanden. Voor bestanden in de ApplicationData kan je ook ook gebruik maken van een application URI. Die uri ziet er als volgt uit: ms-appdata:///local/<filename>. Dit is voor bestanden in de localfolder. Voor bestanden in de roaming folder ziet her uit als: ms-appdata:///roaming/<filename> Via StorageFile.GetFromApplicationUri(); kan je vervolgens de storagefile ophalen. Dit kan heel handig zijn …

  •   @sandeepchads @AzureDevOps it's not there anymore; the morning i had the feature had a banner in the top of the page that had a button "try"
  •   @sandeepchads @AzureDevOps I had the feature yesterday morning on my environment and in the evening it was gone again 😭
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  •   @hermitdave @JenMsft Notifications In your phone, feature in that app
  •   @hermitdave @JenMsft same for apps, surface book has notifications while surface go hasn't for example
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