Pen identity in UWP

When you are building apps for the Surface Hub you can use a real cool inking feature. The screen is already amazing with 84" and the pen support. But the pens also have an identity. This is a number and when you match this up with a credential you can do awesome things.

To get the pen identity you need few simple lines of code. I build an extension method for that:

public static class PointerPointPropertiesExtensions
    private const uint WirelessIdUsagePage = 0x0D;
    private const uint WirelessIdUsage = 0x5B;

    public static int? GetPenId(this PointerPointProperties pointerProperties)
        var hasId = pointerProperties.HasUsage(WirelessIdUsagePage, WirelessIdUsage);
        return hasId ? pointerProperties.GetUsageValue(WirelessIdUsagePage, WirelessIdUsage) : default(int?);
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